about us

Kate WoodmanThe Sharp Hill Designs' customer is a woman on the go. She juggles home, children, career, the gym, soccer field, car pools ... and needs a sturdy bag that will keep her life organized. But she is also a fashionista....and that is why our practical yet stylish, durable yet elegant, bags appeal to her.

Sharp Hill Designs - the practical yet elegant solution to all your handbag needs!

Designer/owner Kate Woodman spent her whole professional life in full-on right brain mode  drafting memos, parsing words and writing briefs as an attorney in the corporate world, then moving into a second career as a board member of three nonprofit organizations - and ultimately, running two of them. All very satisfying, rigorous work.

But then in 2004, when her young son was cast in a children’s theatre production of “Aladdin”, Kate (of course) joined the board; her first assignment was to co-chair the costume committee. She unearthed her old sewing machine and set to work. Long-forgotten skills began to assert themselves. Sewing phantasmagoric costumes - elaborate vests, harem pants and filmy veils - out of gorgeous silk, gauze and ornate brocades unexpectedly awakened a long-dormant love of sewing and designing that had started when she was a young girl. She couldn’t believe how much she loved the process of constructing the elaborate costumes. Handling and draping yards of shimmering dupioni silk put ideas of fabulous shawls and scarves into Kate’s fertile brain. She started making - and selling - gorgeous two-sided silk scarves; shawls and belts soon followed.

Then, a few years ago, Kate’s inspiration turned to handbags and totes; working with a variety of upholstery textiles, she would combine two totally different fabrics to create truly unique bags. She embellished them with all kinds of trims - ribbons, feathers, buttons, tassels - anything that caught her eye. The bags were beautiful and yet functional - they were selling as fast as she could make them. Kate’s eye for color and pattern soon gained her a reputation as a designer to be reckoned with. Inspired by the hues and textures of the fabrics and exotic trims she was using on her totes and handbags, Kate started designing sumptuous, elegant evening bags - and those took off, too. Her bags, totes, scarves and shawls were selling out at high-end boutiques in Connecticut, the Hamptons and beyond. Kate had moved into total left-brain mode and created a successful, burgeoning business.

And thus, Sharp Hill Designs was born.